Fresher’s Resume Guide for Software Engineer Role

Adya Mishra
3 min readJun 26, 2021


Let’s dive!

Reading hundreds of resume per day could be exhausting for a recruiter. A resume which is easy to read is always a treat!

Let’s set our goal to create a page that would underline everything that makes you appropriate for the role and everything irrelevant needs to get out of the way.

First things first, a few points that I always disliked in the templates offered by universities and websites:
1. A lengthy professional summary
(Keep your summary short and crisp because efficiency is the most desirable trait in an Engineer.)

2. A section specifying how you can even beat the CEO of Google with your leadership and management qualities
(A rookie mistake)

3. Specifying unrequired technical skills
(MS office doesn’t bag more points.)

Let’s solve this problem!

Now let’s build our first resume with the following key points:

1. Contact Details
Your name, phone number and email are more than enough.
(You could mention your GitHub and LinkedIn Profile links)

2. Objective
Try to be short and simple.
(Don’t be Shashi Tharoor or Mother Teresa)

3. Education
Specify your Graduation, class X and XII records.
(Don’t specify the subjects in class X and XII)

4. Capabilities
Mention the ones that would be relevant to the job profile and don’t shy away from writing the skills that you are familiar with.
(You are being hired as a fresher and not a pro)

5. Work Experience (if any)
Feel free to flaunt your internships, keeping it short.
(Location, duration, and a brief about your work there)

6. Trainings and Certifications (if any)
Course completion certificates relevant to the job profile are preferred
(location, duration, and the course name)

7. Project Samples (if any)
Mention the names of your projects along with a line or two explaining them.
(If you have the links, go for it!)

8. Extra-Curricular Activities
Three to Four points are considered enough.
(Go down the memory lane and grab a few points)

9. I hereby declare that the above information is correct to my knowledge and belief.

Now, most important point that needs to be highlighted here!
Maintain an order and font consistency aka Make it presentable.
You should serve everything they want on a silver platter.

1. Keep headings a little bold and bigger than the rest of the text.

2. Don’t underline everything.
(Not everything and everyone deserves your attention :-P )

3. Keep it professional. If you’re not good with colors, always go with Black!
(If not black, keep a 2 color combination rule in mind)

4. Always rename the pdf file to “xyzResume” (xyz: your name).
(Please don’t send it out in any other file format with some random autogenerate file name!)

These points will surely get the recruiter’s attention.
I have attached my Resume from 2 years ago as a sample.
Don’t get overwhelmed by my resume because I was not into coding. It’s more about how you sell yourself as the perfect candidate and prepare everything you have on your resume before the interview.

I wish you luck for your interviews and keep yourselves healthy in this time of crisis.
On your marks, get set……. Code!

My own Resume as Sample



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