My Journey at Digital Management Inc.

Adya Mishra
3 min readJun 26, 2021


Neither is my promotion based on this nor is this a paid promotion 💁

The decision:
My interview took place on 28th November 2019. I went through the interview which was quite decent, involved one written test followed by 2 technical rounds. Fortunately, on 8th December 2019, I got two offer letters, one from DMI and the other one was from a well known MNC. After a lot of thought, I decided to go with DMI and joined as a full time employee on 6th January 2020, just after my trip, haha. I was all set to rock and roll!

Digital Management Inc.

Love at first few sights:
Right from my interview day, I had fallen in love with the interiors of this place. The beverage options, cleanliness, cafeteria, everything was right out of a telenovela!

The most unexpected:
The first day felt long as we had to fill all the forms but the end of the day was marked by a surprise, a laptop! Not every company in India provided one before the pandemic.
The next day began with an induction about the policies (I was happy with the number of leaves they offer, it was more than what was being offered in a lot of companies), a few interactive games and our training schedule which was long but did not feel that way. Why? Obviously the cool bunch of freshers and Hot Chocolate! Believe me, we were all over the place for it.

Being a proactive fresher with such an immense support really paced up my learning.
Here’s a tip, no matter what the company is, always be proactive! Always display that you have the thirst to learn, to know and to grow.

New beginnings:
During my training period, I shared my interest with The Vice President and my Reporting Manager, they were supportive in giving me the desired profile.

Now begins, the most exhausting part of my journey with DMI, I once tried an Angular course before and the results were not fruitful.

It’s a human tendency to start disliking something which is tough to achieve.
I had the exact same equation with Angular 😆

I remember being assigned to Angular, not React, I was a little upset.
My reporting manager advised me to give another shot at Angular and she would change it to React if I still felt otherwise. Again, a relief..

I was immediately assigned to a new project and the senior who gave me the KT and taught me the basics of Angular, believed in a philosophy which was new to me: “Learn and grow on your own, if you fall.. try harder, make internet your friend” and to my surprise, this method fit so well, I was impressed by my progress within a month.

Being a person who was not into coding during the college days and was terrified of Angular, the beginning days were overwhelming!
But you gotta keep trying!

Right when things were taking shape, Covid happened. How can the path of learning be without any obstacles?

Post Covid Experience:

Distant Learning is like a long distance relationship. You are your own master, from keeping a check on your activities to being dedicated towards a common goal.

My project had many learning opportunities and one great benefit of having a small team is that you get a lot of exposure to various phases of a project.

DMI provided me with the opportunities to help me grow exponentially.

To be heard, to be valued and to be respected made me feel that choosing DMI was a right decision. They wanted me to flourish.



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